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3D Scans

Welcome to Bio-Energy Scan

The fastest way to monitoring your health

Our bio-energy scan is a cutting-edge tool that offers insight into the health of your body's organs and systems. With a non-invasive approach, the scan covers 41 body systems, providing a comprehensive analysis from brain function to vitamins, minerals, and allergies. We take pride in conducting a thorough assessment, including vital elements such as B1, B3, and vitamin C levels, which are often overlooked by traditional medical tests. By detecting early signs of potential health challenges, such as cancer, strokes, and heart issues, we enable proactive wellness management. Our holistic approach involves addressing identified issues with natural, filler-free products and herbal remedies. Take charge of your well-being and unlock your body's potential. Book your scan today to prioritize your body's vitality. Receive same-day results for prompt insights into your health status. For a detailed list of scanned systems, please explore the menu for more information. For booking any of our services, please contact the number above or via the lets chat icon.


Our Services

Harmonize Your Being

As a dedicated Holistic Healer, I utilize diverse methods to harmonize and maintain the equilibrium of your body and spirit. Embracing a progressive approach, I focus on nurturing the body rather than combating it. Connect with us to discover the comprehensive range of services we offer.

Children Sledding in Snow

Comprehensive vitamins and minerals testing for children aged three and above.


At Bio-Energy Scan, we extend our care to the next generation by providing vitamins and minerals testing specifically designed for children. Our non-invasive approach ensures comfort as your child holds the hand-held probe for a brief period, followed by prompt result retrieval. To schedule this service, please contact the provided mobile number. All scans are performed in the comfort of your home.

3D Scans

Adult Comprehensive Body Scan

Full Body Scan: £100

Our adult full body bio-energy scan meticulously assesses 41 body systems, offering insights from brain functionality to vitamins and minerals. By simply holding the probe, the magnetic energy field of your body is scanned to identify well-aligned and misaligned systems. Detecting imbalances allows for proactive disease prevention. Delve into the menu for comprehensive details. To schedule any tests, please contact the provided number.

Grapefruit and Vitamins

Comprehensive Vitamin and Mineral Assessment for Adults

Vitamins and Minerals Test: £50

Opt for our bio-energy scan to ensure your body receives the essential nutrients in the right quantities. To schedule this service, please explore the menu for more information.

Doctor Examining CT Scan

Full Body Scan Re-assessment


Exclusively available for individuals who have previously undergone a full body scan and seek a re-assessment. 


Vibrational Healing and Chakra Alignment

Restore Your Balance

From early stages to adulthood, life experiences can lead to various adverse symptoms such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, and low self-esteem. Take the step to regain balance and alleviate these issues. Our services are tailored for both adults and children.  This service aims to restore equilibrium and well-being.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Wellness for Expectant Mothers

Price: £500

Pregnancy can bring about profound changes in a woman's well-being. At Bio-Energy Scan, we offer an exclusive package to provide comprehensive support beyond conventional healthcare. Benefit from monthly body scans throughout your pregnancy, encompassing 42 body systems, with a special focus on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acid levels, and prolactin hormone levels crucial for milk production. Our holistic approach also includes relaxation and chakra alignment using vibrational fork therapy, with three dedicated sessions. The non-invasive scan ensures the safety of both you and your unborn child.

Snow Angels

Child's Comprehensive Body Scan: £100

Comprehensive full body scan for children, covering 42 body systems. Explore the menu for detailed information.

Full body scan which checks 42 systems of the body. For more information please click on the 3 bar icon in the top right corner.


"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease."

Three generations of women

Unlock Your Optimal Health

Invest in Your Well-being, Your Future Depends on It

As a holistic healer with a profound personal journey through illness, I encountered the transformative potential of bio-energy scan. This revolutionary test unveiled the root causes behind my health challenges, leading me to transition from pharmaceutical medications with adverse effects to embracing organic herbal remedies. Overcoming conditions such as arthritis, stroke, and high cholesterol, I am driven by a mission to empower individuals worldwide to monitor and potentially reverse their health issues at their convenience. My ultimate goal is to cultivate a fit and healthy lifestyle, embodying the best version of myself.

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